Sunday, August 14, 2011

proper kick start mechanics for 50cc and 150cc scooters


The kick starter on your Chinese scooter is for emergency use only. It's not designed for every day prolonged use.


If you want your kick starter to last for the life of your scooter then go ahead and remove the lever and re-install it at a 1:30 or 2 o'clock position so you get a little more travel when you kick it. This way you won't crack the case as easily. The case cracks when the lever is on the bottom of it's stroke and you're still kicking, or if you kick it too hard. You shouldn't have to kick with all your might to start a healthy engine. Moving the lever up a little will allow a better mechanical advantage and lessen the chance of cracking the case. 

You have to remove the bolt from the lever completely to get the lever to slide off. Tapping a flat screwdriver in the space where the bolt goes through will open the clamp and the lever will slide off with little effort.

The little half-moon shaped gear should be positioned as show in the second and third pics to get full range of motion. You can change the position by pulling the round gear out a little bit to un-mesh the gear teeth, then use the kick lever to re-position the half-moon gear and push the round gear back in to lock it in place. You'll see.   Cool

 To remove the cover you simply remove the 8 (short case) or 10 (long case) bolts around the perimeter of the cover and it will pull off. The kick lever makes a good handle to pull on but if it's the first removal, you may need to hit the case on the back with a rubber hammer to break the seal on the gasket. If the gasket tears it's okay. Just replace it torn or remove it altogether. It's really not necessary to even have a gasket on there.

When kick starting, it's best to work the kicker slowly until you feel resistance against your foot. That means the engine is on a compression stroke. At that point, let the kicker come back up to the top before you kick it. The engine is more likely to fire on a compression stroke with a full kick. If it doesn't start on the first kick then repeat the process. Don't just kick it willy-nilly.   Wink

Kick lever re-positioned.

Proper position of the kicker gears. I always put a small dab of grease in the starter clutch bushing.

Case cracked  Sad


The kickers on the 150cc scoots are fragile as well. There are a lot of moving parts that are subjected to belt dust so keeping things clean and a little dab of grease on the shaft ends of the gears is good preventative maintenance. And like the 50's, DON'T KICK TOO HARD!  The case can/will crack rendering the kicker useless.

Clean and grease the ends of the shafts where they pivot only! Some grease where the kicker shaft passes through the belt cover is okay but just a little. You do not want grease to migrate to the belt and pulleys. Wink

You can remove the lever and reinstall it so it's a little higher up on some scooters so you get a little more travel. On some scoots the body plastic prevents you from doing that.

Dirty gears... YUKK!

Proper position of the gears when re-installing:


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  1. is the spring bad if when you try to install it it keeps slipping upward and wont stay grouped up. this is a 50cc

  2. Not necessarily the only way to determine springissue is when you kickstart your scooter the lever wouldnt pop back into place.

    For it not staying the issue is generally improper reinstallation of parts or occassionally a faulty holding bracket

  3. What is the correct way to fix the "case cracked :(" picture you have above. I have this issue currently.

  4. I need help I have a 2008 schwinn sport 50 scooter when I bought it , it didn't have a kick starter on it at all only electric and I can't find anything online where to get parts for it if any of u know where I can would u please email me a link I need everything for the kick starter thanks my email